Bornagaindating com

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Bornagaindating com

Iam cute ever smiling lady i like reading the bible,cooking watching movie,listening music lam an easy person i like simple life i dont like traveling iam not too taiktive and i laugh alote,i love meeting new people.

Every time I see that TV commercial for the Christian Mingle dating service, I am torn between the rival urges to vomit and to laugh.

As Jacques Lacan says, one only becomes a person, a ) urge their readers to affirm their freedom by repudiating this defining yoke.

Such rebellion will look something like insanity, as it did to the Soviet government when they used to send political dissidents to the gulag as mental patients to the asylum.

Some guy, seeking God’s will for his life, prays, “Show me your will” and lets his Bible fall open randomly.

Closing his eyes, he stabs a finger at the text, which happens to read, “Judas went out and hanged himself.” Spooked, he tries again, only this time he comes up with the verse, “Go thou and do likewise.” Really alarmed now, he makes one last attempt and gets “What thou doest, do quickly.” One hopes he did not carry out the suicidal mandate of his imagined oracle but instead concluded that this was not the method to pursue! In other words, it is simple common sense, good advice.

What gets my hackles up is the pretentious claim that this electronic lonely hearts club is God’s medium for setting you up with a mate, or at least a date, like the Reverend Moon matching you up, by inspired intuition, with a partner you have never even met before.It is your own voice that is the voice of God, for there is no God besides you. Kashtha Sangha (काष्ठा संघ) was a Digambar Jain monastic order once dominant in several regions of North and Western India.My old pal Lin Carter, the fantasy writer, used to amuse himself by saying a little incantation before leaving his apartment: “Go, gnomes, and cause money to come! How about the submission of billions of people to religious institutions which are the creations of human beings like themselves but who claim to be the mouthpieces of the gods. Let me hasten to admit that there ) explains how institutions of all sorts are the creations of mere human beings but soon come to possess a reality above and beyond the humans that created them.” Then Lin (often a poor man—you know how it is with us writers) would look down on the ground, on the sidewalks, as he ran his errands for the day, and if he spotted spare change, he would pick it up and playfully give credit to the gnomes. He knew his good fortune was attributable to people’s tendency to pull keys or a handkerchief out of a pocket without noticing that coins are dislodged along with it. Governments, societies, religions, corporations, you name it, they all come to dominate the people they also serve.

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“You don’t agree with reality as the State defines it? ” Certainly, many have regarded me as crazy or at least heretical for views I hold.