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Eastwood's first marriage took place in a Congregationalist church.

As an adult Eastwood evinced little interest in traditional religion or theological matters, but when asked about his religious beliefs he noted a reverence for nature.

This Pacific Rim Transcendentalism, a belief that nature in the several majestic aspects that California presents it, is the ultimate source of spiritual renewal widely shared by its citizens and has remained a major force in determining the way Clint has lived his adult life. He thought they were too young, not well enough established.

Strangely, for a family whose genealogy as sprinkled with church-builders and devout religionists, Clint doesn't show up in Bay Area baptismal or Sunday School records. ' 'I take it in a personal way very much,' said Clint. But I've always felt very strongly about things, I guess. I guess that's why I've done so many wide open films in nature. I've never really discussed it to philosophize out loud about it. But, when it comes to marriage, "Guys never have much say about it." Clint shrugs.

During the war [at which time young Clint Eastwood would have been about 11 to 13 years old], Clinton Sr.

He regularly attended church services on Sundays with his mother and siblings at whatever Protestant church was nearby.The family appears to have had no specific denominational loyalty.Around the age of 12, Clint joined his father in staying home from church on Sundays, and since then has never been active in any denomination.All that moving around created another deprivation in this category. After all, Maggie came from a nice middle-class background, and in those days young women like her expected to marry after a courtship had proceeded for a certain length of time.Although later he would try to define himself as a morally complex hero in his films, Clint would have to admit that he didn't believe in God or subscribe to any special organized religion. When David Frost mulled over the subject of God with Clint in one of his prestigious television interviews, Clint grew mumbly, falling back on nature as his main spiritual source. Clint, being the obliging young man that he was, never overtly rebellious against social conventions, was not hard to win over, especially since he had the example of his parents' youthful marriage before him.

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Or "Don't think the world owes you a living, because it doesn't." When Clint would apply for his after-school jobs, his father would always tell him: "Forget about the dough. Make yourself so valuable that they just gotta have you."...