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Here are six tips, plus list of our most popular lesson ideas.Select your topic It is always important for speakers to consider their audience when selecting a topic.

Once your topic has been narrowed down, find the verse(s) that speak to that topic.They want to feel challenged, and they want a call to action.They want to know that they can change their world and they are looking to you for direction.God's heart is to have a deep, personal relationship with each of them, and give them the forgiveness and hope they are hungry for. There are lots more great resources on preparing lessons for youth available on Called to Youth Ministry. It should be difficult for Americans to read these two episodes in the gospels because they directly challenge us personally and culturally.I can see why some people believe in the theory of evolution.

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The memorandum, which you can see here, uses the word “sex” only once, in the last sentence, which describes Lesson 12: “Saving sex for marriage.” The chairman and vice chairman of the school board did not respond to queries about the memorandum of understanding.