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I swore I wouldn't allow this tobacco to ghost one of my larger pipes.But as I continued with greater frequency in my experimentation, I found that I required larger bowls--to explore the nuances of Grousemoor, and isolate this "lemongrass" note that people kept mentioning.Consider Earl Grey, among the most popular tea blends in the western world: the oil of bergamot with lavender notes with which the basic Ceylon/Assam blend is laden helps to better marry and mellow the invigorating bitter-sweet flavor of the tea.This is the same sort of relationship of taste that is to be found in Grouse-Moor and so many other fine tobaccos of the Lakeland tradition.Forgive my rabbiting on for so long, but I have enjoyed this sort of tobacco for years and became tired of listening to a lot of brutes and cads guffawing and casting it aside for 'serious' tobacco. The Virginia leaf is not only of the finest quality, but also quite strong.

Initial flavor: A light fresh flavor, an interesting change of pace for a dedicated Virginia and Oriental smoker like me, but not a typical aromatic. There is some strength (nicotine wise), but the blend is a gentle smoker, as well as dry and cool. Summary: An excellent change of pace, which will not goop up your pipe.I didn't even care about the lightness, the lack of nicotine. I wondered what the hell a grouse was, and learned it was a very swift bird, hunted by the British for game. I will hunt this tobacco with the ferocity of a man chasing wild game. I will shoot you with my shotgun if you people turn Grousemoor into an endangered species!Grouse-Moor is a very often maligned tobacco and this is simply not fair.There are a few sour and many tangy notes amidst the sweetness. The “lemon grass” topping may well account for some of the flavors, but there’s more in the mix for sure. Burns cool and fairly smooth at a reasonable pace with a very consistent taste. Leaves a little moisture in the bowl, but no dottle. While it is highly aromatic, the flavors combine to make this an either you like it for not blend whether you like aros or not.Quickly ghosts a briar, and will do the same for a meer, so prepare to dedicate a pipe to it.

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I can recall the time that I visited the factory in Kendal and the reverence with which the bottle of Grouse-Moor essence was brought out to be sprinkled onto a batch of leaf to fulfill my request for a pound of Grouse-Moor direct from the factory floor.

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