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Sanaa lathan and taye diggs dating

A lot of Black films that have been out lately have been of a certain…stereotype and humor. It’s not fitting the mold of what’s out now.”Taye Diggs on how films have changed since “Our films were really starting to explode and it was an interesting time.

spiritual content: Sid wears a gold cross pendant throughout the movie.Howard’s wacky costumes make him look like even more of a pimp than the one he played in Hustle & Flow, and Sanaa Lathan’s character, despite the excuse of being pregnant, is so strenuously passive-aggressive she gets on your nerves.Somehow, though, this bumper seasonal angst-fest gradually gets its hooks in.Sid feels guilty about their activity and says, "I’m getting married, you’re still married, and we just got busy." But the deed is done, and she proceeds to joke that it was the most "amazing and exhilarating five minutes" she ever had. Various hip-hop tunes yield an abundance of background profanity.crude or profane language: Women are often referred to as "hos" or "b--ches." Other trouble spots include one use of the f-word, a dozen s-words, and nearly 40 milder profanities and crude expressions. drug and alcohol content: Champagne and martinis are served at a party. Moviegoers discover that Sid’s favorite drink is a Perfect 10, and that Dre prefers Kettle One martinis.

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